Champaign Foundation Endowments

Currently, 15 endowments valued at more than $575,000 benefit Champaign County.  Learn more about them below:

Bethany Thompson Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship fund established to honor the memory of Bethany Thompson. This scholarship benefits graduating seniors of Triad High School to further their education. First preference given to students who have survived cancer, are planning to study ministry, or go into veterinary medicine. Applicants my apply through the Springfield Foundation December-February

Steven L. Bucholtz Aviation Fund

Designated fund established in memory of Steven L. Bucholtz. Income from the fund benefits the Grimes Flying Lab.

Champaign Aviation Museum

Agency endowment established for the unrestricted support  of the Champaign Aviation Museum to promote their work preserving historical aircraft and promoting aviation education, awareness and appreciation.

Champaign County Residential Services Endowment

Agency endowment established to provide current income and long term protection for the operations of CRSI.

John Dale Urbana Firefighter Scholarship

Scholarship fund benefiting dependents and grandchildren of active or retired Urbana Firefighters. Applicants may apply through the Springfield Foundation December- February. 

Champaign County Citizens for Canine Horizon Fund

Horizon Fund which will eventually grow into a permanent endowment to provide a field of interest fund which will give grants related to canine causes in Champaign county. 

Champaign Land Preservation Endowment

Agency fund established for the Unrestricted support of the charitable or educational purposes of Champaign Land Preservation.

Urbana University

Established to provide current income and long term protection for the operations of Urbana University.

Grimes Flying Lab Foundation

The Grimes Flying Lab Endowment Fund was established through a gift from the Turner Foundation.  This endowment provides support to the Grimes Flying Lab Foundation in Urbana, Ohio and the fulfillment of their mission to educate the public with regard to the history of aircraft lighting, and the role of the Grimes Manufacturing Company. 

Helen Parsons Iler Scholarship

Established through the estate of Helen Parsons Iller, this endowment provides scholarships to graduates of Graham High School. Applicants may apply through the Springfield Foundation December-February.

Mad River Valley Dental Society Fund

Distributions of this benefit Champaign, Clark and Logan counties and are for the broad purpose of health needs with a preference for dental requests.

Mary Ellen Shockey Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship fund benefiting seniors of Urbana High School studying in a health related field at any accredited institution of higher learning. Applicants may apply through the Springfield Foundation December- February. 

Nelson and Belva Stallsmith Scholarship

Scholarship Fund for the benefit of worthy children of members of the Harmony Lodge # 8, Champaign Lodge # 525, and Knights of Pythias of Westerville, OH. Applicants may apply through the Springfield Foundation December-February. 

Fund for Champaign County

An Unrestricted fund benefiting Champaign County. This endowment is used to provide grants and scholarships to organizations and students in Champaign County. 

United Way KTH Endowment Fund for Champaign County Residents

Designated fund established for the unrestricted support of the charitable or education purposes of United Way of Clark, Champaign and Madison Counties for the benefit of Champaign County Residents.