About Us


The Champaign Foundation was founded in 2018 as a resource for philanthropy in Champaign County. Under the guidance of the Springfield Foundation in Clark county, the Champaign Foundation is focused on improving the quality of life for all residents of Champaign County.


The Champaign Foundation is currently seeking Founding Members to help grow the Fund for Champaign County. This fund is a permanent resource which will award grants to local nonprofits and for projects that address current needs in Champaign County. For more information on becoming a Founding Member,click here.

Champaign Foundation Founding Members:

BrownRidge Foundation

Erin Patton - State Farm 

Kerry & Kathy Brugger

Bryce Hill Inc.

KTH Parts Industries Inc.

Bundy Baking Solutions

Mr. Patrick E. Field

Todd and Jill Michael

Raven Farms LLC

Security National Bank

Springfield Foundation

Urbana University







A Governing Board of volunteers leads the Champaign Foundation and its charitable activities. These experienced civic leaders are chosen for their knowledge of, and involvement in, community issues and activities. The Board bears responsibility for establishing policy, overseeing the management of funds entrusted to its care, and approves the distribution of grants and scholarships.


Current Board Members:


Marica Bailey

Bill Bean

Jeanne Bowman

Larry Cox

Scott Delong

David Hoskins

Todd Michael